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JB Sets the Record Straight On Gun Safety

SR45 Cover 

We are thankful for the opportunity to raise awareness about 2nd Amendment rights with our new single “Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45”. It is also creating an opportunity to bring awareness to gun safety!

The response to our cover art for the single (pictured above) has been overwhelmingly positive, however, a couple of people have brought up a great point. In the photo, it appears that some basic gun safety rules are being broken.

As a lot of us do in Texas, I took my hunter’s education course when I was a kid, so that I could hunt unaccompanied and learn basic gun safety. For those of you who don’t know gun safety, here are some of the basic rules.

Rule #1 You should keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. This is a very logical, sensible rule that we should all follow.

In the picture above, some of us have our fingers on the trigger. Ironically, my finger is not on the trigger, but in reality I would be justified if it was because my particular pose is a ready-to-shoot position. But that’s just it… IT’S A PICTURE.

This picture, and the photoshoot, are a different environment than “real life”. We make ART. That’s what we do. Just to illustrate that point, here are a few other pieces of photographic artistry featuring people you might recognize. Countless more examples are a google search away.



Rule # 2 Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. Again, a very logical no brainer when it comes to handling firearms. 

In our photo, it appears as if our bass player, Chris (on the left), is pointing one of his guns at my head. Let me ASSURE you this did not happen. In reality, we actually took our pictures individually and then composited them all together, a technique used often in photography, which enables you to light each person more easily, among other things. Here are those unedited photos.

Chris UneditedJB Unedited

Hayden UneditedGabe Unedited

In closing, even though we didn’t actually break the rule, we realize that it certainly appears that way and to a few people it seems irresponsible. And while we stand by the art that we have made, we want EVERYBODY to be able to get on board with our message about 2nd Amendment rights.

Therefore, for those few people that raised concerns on social media, here are some alternative pictures that you can use to help us share our message and raise awareness about our right to bear arms. We are grateful to you for raising the topic of gun safety and we respect your right to voice your very valid opinion. 

SR45 Cover Safest

SR45 Cover Safer

We are very thankful that an unexpected by-product of releasing this song and artwork is this opportunity to shed light on gun safety.

Thank you all for your OVERWHELMING SUPPORT and we look forward to sharing the song with the world when it hits radio on May 25th!

God bless you all,

JB Patterson
JB and the Moonshine Band


P.S. this song is bad ass and the album comes out June 30th.


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