It’s Showtime

After the album release, JB started trying to book shows. He soon realized that it wasn’t easy getting through to the right people at venues he was calling.  He’d say “Hi this is JB from JB and the Moonshine Band, can I speak to someone in charge of booking?”. This was often met with “They aren’t here right now”, or “Let me get your number and I’ll have them call you” but he’d never hear back. He knew he needed more credibility so he reached out to several booking agencies but they all passed. Out of frustration, he created a fake booking agency called “Longneck Entertainment”. He started calling back all the same venues, only this time he would say “Hi this is Bob Berkley with Longneck entertainment calling on behalf of JB and the Moonshine Band I’d like to speak to someone in booking please”. It worked like a charm and soon they were getting shows and traveling around Texas, Oklahoma, and beyond playing their tunes at smoky bars.